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Traditional financial institutions are bloated, slow and not working in your Best Interest. Robo-advisors are overly simplistic, leaving PRIME (Peak Revenue Investment-Minded Entrepreneurs) Business Owners without a reliable ally in wealth management. This is where Tarascio Financial Planning comes in. 

Michael Tarascio, CFP®

Michael is the leader and founder of Tarascio Financial Planning, LLC. After an impactful and enriching 12 years in Corporate America, he decided to create something more personal and direct. He founded a fee-only, Comprehensive Financial Planning practice to help small business owners and families grow their savings, invest in their future, and lower their tax bill through transparent and honest collaboration.


He's not just a business owner; he's a dedicated learner, holding degrees from the University of Oregon and Boston College, and proudly carrying the title of CFP® Professional. When he's not serving clients, he is a Husband and Father, playing soccer with his kids, exploring biking trails and discovering new places.


Michael takes inspiration from the book "Grit" by Angela Duckworth. Grit is what’s rooted in each day’s work for TFP, and it governs how we serve each our clients - always working our hardest to ensure everyone in the TFP tribe exceeds their goals.



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